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Every Business Should have a Good Management & Marketing Team.

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Top 5 Business Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business Intelligently.

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About Us

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Yogesh Bacchi is a Business Marketing Consultant With With Excellent Digital Marketing Skills. With 2 Years of Stock Market Experience, He Learned Company Analysis (Qualitative Analysis), Economy Analysis , Consumer Behavior  Analysis. After Spending 2 Years in Stock Market, He Realised that Small Companies can Make a BIG Impact on Indian Economy. So, He Decided to Help Start-Ups and Small Businesses to Market themselves in a Better and Profitable Way.


More The Margins – Lesser the Risk.

Small Margins Leads to Competition and Competition Leads to Burn More Cash.

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Entrepreneurship Skills 

  • Make a To-Do List in Morning
  • Manage Your Physical Action
  • Manage Your Mental Action
  • Manage Your Time, Energy, Efforts.
  • Learn New Information
  • Understand Information
  • Share and Use What you Learn
  • Put Pieces Together to Create Something New
  • Take Action with What you Learn
  • ¬†Listen To Others
  • Speak Clearly
  • Express and State Opinions
  • Read, Understand and Connect
  • Write and Express in Words

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