Adminstrative Skills

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Administrative Skills 

Administrative skills are very important for administrative employs which can be office assistance, Secretaries And office managers. 

Administrative skills are very  important for growing the business and keeping an office organised. 

Every department has administration department in which administrative skills are very  important. 

Type of skills that an administrator should have :-

1. Communication skills

    (a) Written

    (b) Oral

2. Technological skills

3. Paper management

4. Typing skills

5. Customer service skills

6. Planning skills

7. Research skills

8. Self-motivation

9. Flexibility

1. Communication skills

The administrators should have both the Communication skills that is written and oral. Oral skills are required to talk to clients, employs and staff members. They are the first interaction of the customer to the business of that company. For that every admin should have clear and loud voice to convey their message properly. 

The Communication skills are not restricted to just speaking. Good communicators have a very good habit of listening by this habit they can figure out what the customer wants and what are the problems he or she is going through. By actually figuring out the problems one can find the solutions and the business can grow effectively. 

Now drawing your attention towards Written communication. It is certainly as important as oral communication

Administrators have to have the record of the employs, the staff Members and clients. They are also supposed to write memorandum for employers. They can also be hired to write the material for the meetings and can also be used to revert the emails of the clients

2. Technological skills

In today’s world it is very important to have a knowledge about technology as India has also changed its procedures and application from paper to Internet. 

If one does not change his or her way of conveying he or she will be out from the race

Knowledge about MS Word, Exel, Java,Programming And Internet can Severely affect one’s future. 

3. Paper management

It is the type of Administrative skills that every administrator should have he or she should know how to manage the paper Work

Filing petition or information about the Clients, Staff members and Employees is all done by the Administration office. 

To do that efficiently and if actively one should have the knowledge about paper management


4. Typing

Typing fast is highly demanded in this technology could a world where not even a single second is wasted that is why we invented UPS that is uninterrupted power supply that we cannot even bear one second of power off so one can imagine how fast this world is ,for that One has to match with them and to compete with the growing and fast industries one has to have typing skills. 

5. Customer service skills

The growth of the business can only happen when you satisfy your clients and customers and that can be done when you know how to service them. 

By listening to them and by conveying the things properly to them if they are having any kind of problem or by improving in your product or in your services according to your customers is the best possible way to take a business ahead. 

Customer service has to be transparent as Willis disservice that has to be provided to the customers needs to be transparent and they should be informed with the appropriate knowledge.

6. Planning skills

The business will only work when you have a plan so that you know what is the next step and what is your aim. 

By providing a plan to the organisation one gives the soul to the body. If you don’t know where you want to date you can never lead anywhere you will be just rotating in a circle. 

To be Focused and to have a goal one has to have planning skills which are a type of administrative skills.

7. Research skills

No company no institution and no organisation put down their money on something on which they have not researched. 

Even making a small documentary or video one has to do some research on the community, Region and society don’t know what they want and what are their behaviour and expect towards that product or service. 

By doing research one can say that there are at least 50% chances of this product or service to be excepted by the people. 

The Tata company before launching their Nano car did a research which had various methods like interview, Questionnaires And observation That people of India want a low budget car to be launched so that everyone can avail to ride a car.

8. Self-motivation

Generally there is no direct Authority on the administrative office that is why they need to be self-motivated by themselves so that they do justice with their job and does the prescribed work in an effective manner. 

The motivation has to be in a way that they don’t get bored with their job and don’t take advantage of their job. 

9. Flexibility 

We all know that an administrator has to go through many ups and downs in their job. Each day is different, You cannot assume what you have to do. 

With this kind of a job one has to be flexible enough to bear that pressure and get through it nicely. That is why the most important Administrative Skills is to be flexible.

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Skills important to get on top in Administration are Administrative skills.

Skills important to get on top in Administration are Administrative skills.

They are classified as follows. 

1.  Technical Skills

(a) Managerial skills

(b) Marketing skills

(c) Business and finance skills

2. Humane Skills

(a) Leadership Skills

(b) Interpersonal skills

(c) Conflict management skills

(d) Negotiating skills

3. Conceptual Skills

(a) Planning and decision-making skills

(b) Research oriented skills

(c) Innovative skills

1. Take training and development program 

2. Become active participant in the organisation

3. Attend seminars

4. Take networking tips

5. Choose a mentor

6. Take challenging assignments

7. Selfless and non-profit helps

8. Get yourself included in every project

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