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Billion Dollar Business Ideas

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Today we’re looking at 7 problems to solve if you want to be a billionaire.

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Have you been this week, It’s great to have you here with us once again for a special Sunday Article. The goal of this Blog is to inspire future billionaires. So, what better way to do that then present you guys with some opportunities to achieve billionaire status.There are multiple ways to get there but we have to warn you the competition is insane because everybody’s racing to get there.While building a search engine or a social network are not viable options anymore considering these niches are dominated by enormous players. There are still some problems the world has yet to solve or at least make the mainstream.

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1. A weight loss pill with minimal to no side effects.

As of 2018 the diet and weight-loss industry is worth around 80 billion dollars in the US alone and expected to reach a value of half a trillion worldwide in the coming years. The world is changing and for the first time ever more people are dying from obesity than from starvation. Most people are lazy and would gladly pay a premium for an easy solution to the weight loss problem. That’s why all big pharma companies are spending billions on R&D in order to find a mainstream solution to the problem. A pill like this could quickly become the most profitable and used drugs all around the world. Viagra alone is doing 1.5 billion dollars in revenue per year in the US and a weight-loss pill could be valuable for both genders.

2. Viable plastic replacements.

Yeah we are ruining our planet and don’t know what to do about it because we really don’t want to change. That’s where you come in the plastic market as a whole is worth six hundred and fifty billion dollars at the moment with the plastic packaging industry expected to hit three hundred and fifty billion dollars by 2020. As you’ve seen in countless videos of turtles and fish caught up in plastic the world needs a viable alternative. That is as practical as cheap to produce of which we have large quantities of preferably regenerate bull and which doesn’t kill all life on Earth. In the long run everybody understands the potential of being the next plastic and we’ve already been seeing tests with fungus algae corn and even hemp. The only thing they need to do now is to get the price down and to be able to mass-produce. Before we move on to the next problem do you want to hear something crazy, It’s estimated that more than 500 million single-use plastic straws are used and thrown away every day in the US alone. According to the National Park Service that translates to one hundred and seventy five billion straws a year. The numbers globally are even more at least five times that just think about it you get a drink with a plastic straw which you use for under 15 minutes and then you throw it away and a large portion of these straws are not recycled.

3. Bio printing and organ printing


There are several sub industries to this which will be worth billions of dollars. Each as the technology advances starting with personalized prosthetics – 3d printed skin for burn victimsbone printing to actually printing working organs. Globally the organ transplant market is worth around twenty billion dollars per year which is expected to become a trillion dollar industry in the next few decades. Just the organ preservation market alone is valued at two hundred and fifty billion dollars right now. So the potential in this space is massive as the population of the world increases and on average we tend to get richer replacing an organ will be as common as eye surgery or dental implants to put things into perspective. You can purchase a heart on the black market in the US for a little bit under 1 million dollars with a liver being sold for around half a million. The fact that there is a black market for organs at all proves there isn’t sufficient supply for the existing demand. Studies show that one in three deaths could be delayed or prevented if we were to have access to enough spare organs.

4. Water scarcity

As of 2016 one in nine people in the world live without access to clean water. That’s close to 850 million people towards the end of 2018. Scientists are expecting that number to get close to 1.1 billion by 2025. It’s expected that two-thirds of the world’s population will find it difficult to have access to clean water. You wouldn’t think that the blue planet is running out of water but the thing is it’s not the planet it’s us that are running out of water despite the planet being covered by 70% water only 3% of it is actually fresh water. That is fit for human consumption around two-thirds of that is tucked in frozen glaciers and unavailable to our use. So it’s us that’s in big trouble this year even big cities like Cape Town almost ran out of water and situations like this one will be more and more popular in the coming years. So you might soon get rations of water no matter where you live the economical impact of the water crisis is huge not only people can’t grow crops but they die of a plethora of illnesses associated with unclean water. Providing access to water will be like connecting yourself to a network for internet access and will start paying a premium on it. Some of the solutions to water scarcity have to deal with the masses. For example, Technology which will allow us to optimize the water consumption per household so people don’t waste water followed by improving the sewage systems. So the water can be filtered and deployed to nearby farms which are one of the biggest water wasters in the world but meat production is incredibly water expensive. It takes fifteen thousand four hundred liters water just to produce one kilo of beef. 6,000 liters for one kilo of pig meat and 45 litres for one kilo of chicken meat.

5. Artificial intelligence.

AI is the holy grail of inventions and for good reason artificial intelligence is probably the last invention humans will have to invent. That’s because it will either optimize and solve all of our problems or it will realize how meaningless we are as a species and wipe us all out as it evolves to a godlike status. Let’s say it won’t wipe us out and look at what AI could mean for Humanity as of 2018. AI is already generating over 1 trillion dollars in value with customer experience solutions creating the most business value. AI derived business value is projected to reach up to three point nine trillion by 2022 and that isn’t taking into account strong AI. Strong AI, whose value is so hard to estimate that even the smartest minds are a little on edge of making predictions. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the largest disruptor the world has ever seen dramatically changing the way we exist and could accelerate our transition toward a type two civilization. It could cure diseases for us revolutionize farming and bio-engineering and even be the Gateway to immortality. So we will do a dedicated article on AI and the applications and implications. Something like a strong artificial intelligence could have on humankind in the future but this automation will come at a cost rendering a large portion of the population useless and with no economic value.

6. Food production and alternatives

We’re almost 8 billion people on this planet and we have to eat every single day. Somebody’s got to figure out how to make it happen the problem. Doesn’t seem to lie in our ability to produce food but instead it’s in optimizing the process. Creating as much food as possible with the minimum resources spent and distributing food to everyone at this moment. We humans are really inefficient with our food products here. In the West people consume way more food than they need and end up throwing away large quantities of it. As well we’re not sure if you know this but food and agriculture is actually the biggest industry in the world in our research 10% of the gross domestic product of the entire world lies in food. That’s around 50 trillion dollars want to hear something shocking one-third of all the food produced in the world is wasted food. Losses and waste amounts to roughly six hundred and eighty billion dollars in industrialised countries and about three hundred and ten billion dollars in developing countries per year. That’s how much money were throwing away it’s your opportunity to capture as much of this as possible. Even if we managed to optimize food consumption so that we don’t waste as much of it. There’s still big issues of production costs growing food consumes so many resources that we’ll be facing a serious dilemma because we can’t sustain this kind of production over extended periods of time. The biggest issues are related to water grain and deforestation in order to grow crops. If the world doesn’t move quickly into alternative food sources and we keep growing our population numbers. We’re in big trouble the obvious viable option we have is transitioning for big protein sources to smaller ones. Yes people we’re talking about eating bugs this might sound disgusting to most of you but bugs are probably the future of nutrition for humans. Insects require two thousand times less water to produce the equivalent of one kilogram of meat from a nutritional standpoint. They also require less space produce less waste and are 80 percent edible compared to only 40 percent of a cow plus you’re already consuming bugs in your food right now. You just don’t know it bugs are in your chocolate in your peanut butter and almost any fruit or vegetable product. We are already seeing a lot of money going to insect farming startups all around the world so if you’re planning to jump on this trend you got a hurry.

7. Digital military tech

Just keeping up with the big numbers 2.5 percent of the global domestic product goes to military in one form or another. That’s roughly 1.7 trillion dollars per year. Out of that entire number the United States is responsible for a third of that. The world is changing and although we still need some Apache helicopters and submarines. the war zone has shifted to a more technological approach than who has the most Panzers. A simple ad buy campaign can push the critical vote in order to get someone elected, it could start revolutions or dramatically change the public’s perception on an issue. What the CIA has been doing for years but now wealthy individuals have the same tools at their disposal. Cambridge analytic oh we’re just the ones that got caught the point is governments want to have the option to both protect and attack from the comforts of their bunkers. Cyber warfare as an industry is just a tad under 1 billion dollars. When countries go to war with each other they no longer send tens of thousands of troops instead they destabilize an economy, create massive protests and then use drones or AI driven missiles to take out strategic objectives in order to give through to the lynchpin effect, A surprising correlation is with the gaming industry because the military is currently recruiting apps games for their remote missions. Someone who’s been virtually crushing on enemy bases since he was born we’ll make a great soldier when the time comes to remotely fly a drone and deploy bombs, who knows. Ender’s Game might turn out to be a documentary instead of a science fiction movie after all and you can finally tell your parents that the number of hours you’ve clocked in on a steam is just military training.


8. Internet for everybody

Want to hear some great news as of the end of 2017 we’ve finally tipped the balance with 51 percent of humanity connected to the Internet. it’s really hard to put a value on the internet right now because the next Google or Facebook could be just around the corner and all of our math would just go out the window. to give a very rough estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 trillion dollars and that’s with only half the population connected to it. just think of what will happen when everybody will have access to the Internet just the educational aspect of it is mind-blowing, followed by trade and commerce and then the marketplace of innovation and new ideas. some might argue that access to the Internet is a basic human right in this day and age and to be honest we agree. our entire reality has been dramatically changed since we got access to the Internet. despite our formal education we got more value from getting educated on the internet on topics which we could apply to our everyday lives. up to the point where our entire company is internet centered. the employees and families we have under our company are all getting value based on incredible innovation and that is the internet. now let’s talk opportunity a guy selling things on the Internet is currently the richest man in the world, a guy with a website where you can post your pictures and see what your friends are up to has over 2.2 billion monthly users making him the fifth richest man on the planet. and you can now outsource manufacturing to a Chinese factory thanks to Jack Maa’s Alibaba without even going to China. The race for connecting the world to the Internet has already begun and we’re seeing Giants come out to play. Facebook wants to beam internet over remote geographies with their electric planes. Google with their balloons and Elon Musk is racing Richard Branson both wanting a fleet of satellites orbiting the earth bringing cat videos to everyone. we’re not sure if you’ve got a chance of competing head-to-head with these guys but approaching the issue from a creative angle you might find yourself with a very lucrative industry on your hands.

9. Private data and Home security


Cybersecurity is a 200 billion dollar industry right now most of that money comes from companies and businesses who are looking to protect their information and are willing to pay a premium for it. With the recent Facebook scandal that conversation is slowly shifting to the consumer market and oh boy will those numbers skyrocket. at this point people have no idea how valuable their data is that’s why they give it away for free or close to free. we believe that in the future personal data security will become one of the most lucrative businesses even overtaking the home security industry. Just for your information the global home security industry is worth fifty billion dollars a year. The average consumer owns more and more devices which all contain and track sensitive information about the owner. with the rise of Internet of Things in mainstream adoption we will need viable options to protect that data. Everything that makes you, you is being carefully organized on the internet for our convenience the downside is that everything that makes you you can now be accessed remotely by people who are after that information. just to give you guys a glimpse into how big this problem can be. last year a US company called Equifax got hacked they’re in charge of maintaining the credit scores of Americans. the information of 143 million people was hacked this includes name, address, birthdate, social security number and your financial history. with that kind of information someone could easily impersonate you stealing your identity buying property getting a credit card line and ruining your life completely

10. Male birth control

The contraceptives market size is set to exceed thirty three billion dollars by 2023. that’s the current rate of growth if you’re looking to become a billionaire in the pharma space you might want to put your money and focus into male birth control. this is why this problem is so big a female can get pregnant once per year 1.2 times if you’re really good at getting pregnant. but a male can easily impregnate at least 365 females if given the opportunity and the right conditions. having kids is damn expensive and a simple pill which could take the guessing out of the game of who’s the father would skyrocket in popularity. It’s about control and people are always willing to pay for control. There are already multiple companies with pills in trials for this solution but most of them seem to come with some serious side effects just like the female birth control pill so we’re not there yet.

11. Space exploration resource capture

We are entering an exciting era in space, where we can expect more advances in the next few decades then throughout human history space is a three trillion dollar opportunity for the next few decades. we know this isn’t one of those problems that the average Joe will be able to solve or make good use of. but the opportunity is still there. WOW , You probably already need to be a billionaire to join the exclusive club of people who are looking to mine asteroids and take people from planet to planet. those who will take part in it will enjoy riches beyond those we’ve seen on earth literally. there’s this thing called a space act bill which states any asteroid resources obtained in outer space are the property of the entity that obtained such resources. which shall be entitled to all property rights thereto consistent with applicable provisions of federal law and existing international obligations. HR 1508, is this the new gold rush you bet it is the only thing is there are only a handful of people who have the option to access all the gold they can get. just the asteroid mining industry has the potential to be a 100 trillion dollar industry now you understand why the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are so eager to get their tech right as soon as possible.

12. Sex robots

Yes people, sex robots will be a real thing mainstream and the world is patiently waiting for them with both their wallets and wieners out. we’re currently in the middle of a 30 billion dollar race to create the first premium sex robot. the thing is we’re still not there yet. the world doesn’t want to get frisky with Sophia the robot because she’s creepy as hell instead we’re all waiting for the west-world equivalent over at least something like ex machina. The good news is with the advancements we’re seeing in animatronics 3d printing and AI we could have a mass-market version one available in the next 15 years. People will buy these like crazy anonymously though through the internet. but like crazy nonetheless this will open up entire new Nisha’s we’ve never even considered like accessories for your robot wigs software updates voice packs different faces etc. anyway you come after it this industry will blow up as humans are already evolving to be more and more anti-social. so it’s up to you if you want to make Bank on a trend like this.

13. Hair regeneration

One of these seemingly unsolvable problems the world is facing did you know that global hair transplant is a nine billion dollar industry. yep we people love our hair the bulk of this industry cost is carried by men who simply do not want to be bald so they’re willing to pay a premium to have hair move from one part of their body to their head. even the wig market is worth over 1 billion dollars. now think how valuable a product that solves this issue in a non-surgical matter would be something like a cream or even a laser Lake treatment which would reverse the balding process and allow your body to create new hair. plastic surgery is a 45 billion dollar per year industry because humans are obsessed with the way they look.

14. Death

The first person to solve death not only will become extremely rich but will go down in history as the one who transitioned humans from animals to gods. Larry Ellison and Peter teal are just two of the Titans who are looking to solve the death problems we humans have. If you think about it death is very much like a disease and our track record shows that we’ve been pretty successful at curing most of them. What’s one more to add to the list at number three we mentioned Organ printing which would be our first solution for life extensions. the reality is if one of your organs fail you’ll die despite, the remaining ones being okay. Organs as we know them have a fairly short lifespan but what if we could re-engineer them out of more durable materials. It’s like switching the parts in a very intricate machine we would also solve the problem of aging. Nobody wants to live forever if you’re going to get older and older artificial bodies will probably be the largest industry of the 22nd century and we’re lucky to see the very early stages of this coming to light. Today the twenty billion dollar funeral home industry is about to get disrupted in the near future.

15. A hangover cure

You heard that right Readers, treating a hangover is now a multi-billion dollar industry and we still don’t have a simple easy to use pill like option for this as of 2018 humans spend roughly 1.9 billion dollars on hangover related treatments. But they’re still inefficient most billionaires agree that whoever will be able to solve this problem will become a billionaire as well because of the high demand for this product. Time to check who’s a true Reader by sticking around until the end of this Article, If you’re set on joining the three comma Club please write billionaire in the comment section along with your answer to today’s question we love interacting with you guys and hearing what your take is on the issues at hand.

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