Conceptual Skills

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Conceptual skills are the part of managerial skills. The other two types of managerial skills are Human skills and technical skills.

Now coming onto what are conceptual skills ?

Actually, The Skills by which one can see the Big future from a small incidence. The skills are very hard to find in managers but are the most essential skills for a manager of any company. The skills comprises of action to words abstract things and abstract problems which employs faces and the managers have to take care of. By having right amount of conceptual skills managers can actually focus on what is the organisations in and how to fulfill it. Also By the help of conceptual skills managers organise the employs together to work towards a goal which they have to achieve whether it is in long-term or short-term. 

Five conceptual skills

Creative Thinking
Leadership Qualities
Problem Solving Attitude

1. Analysis :

So to have conceptual skills the first schedule a Manager should have is the ability to analyse a problem or situation without getting a notice of it.

If the manager is not able to analyse what is happening in his organisation he or she fails in his or her duty absolutely.

Undoubtedly the analysis skills comes with majority experience and that is what every company is looking for. 

2. Communication skills :

It is really very important to convey the problems only solutions to their respective employs and for that you need a good communication skills.

Skills which can connect them with a heart and you can make them know what and where the problem is and how to solve it.

Communication skills has to be in the way that you are speaking the right language in front of the right person if you are trying to convey something to a Gatekeeper.

You need to convey it in the local language. But if you are conveying something to your in ploys it has to be in simple words and most probably in English. 

3. Creative thinking : 

The creative thinking does not comes by reading books and doing the management course. It comes from within the experience, the exposure you get when you getting into the market is from where the creative thinking comes up.

Your creativity plays a role when problem comes up.

Creative thinkers find  many solutions to a single problem. 

4. Leadership qualities :

If you don’t have leadership qualities nobody is going to listen to you.

For making everybody believe you and to make them do whatever you want them to do, for that one has to have leadership qualities.

This quality comes when you have believe in yourself and when you standby what you say no matter what happens.

To be A Leader and to be a person that is followed by everyone you have to do justice with your job, You need to be loyal and hard-working and an Ideal person so that everyone follows you and do what you asked them to do.

If you don’t have Leadership qualities they will not listen to you and you will not be able to solve any problem.

That is happening in your department or in your organisation for which you were hired. 

5. Problem solving ability : 

If you don’t know how to solve a problem then you can never become a good manager.

Problem never get solved by giving time or just letting it go, you need to take action there and then to solve it.

Just keep in mind that problem is solved only when you standby the truth and what is right, Never ever favour somebody who is wrong and who is not doing right for the organisation and company.

Problem is solved by a mixture of all the above for skills that is by Analysing the problem by communicating it and trying to make them implement by creatively thinking what problem is about and how to solve it and finding ways to solve them.

As well as having Leadership qualities by which you can direct your employees to solve the problem.

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