Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur

Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur

Definition Of Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is Considered Somebody Who takes Risk and Execute his/her Business Plan. According to Websters Dictionary, Entrepreneur is someone Who Organise, Manager and Assume the risk of a Business Enterprise.

Definition of Intrapreneur

The intrapreneur is a person within the established organisation, which is already provided with organisational resources and accomplished by company employs one can also use the term of corporate entrepreneur as an Intraprenuer.

Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur



1. Entrepreneur is the Owner of the business.

1. Intrapreneur works an Employee of the business.

2. Entrepreneur raises the Requisite capital Himself.

2. Intrapreneur does not raise any capital.

3. Entrepreneur Works Independently.

3. Intrapreneur is semi-Independent.

4. Entrepreneur is one who bears full risks of his business.

4. Intrapreneur does not bear any risk of business. 

5. Entrepreneur guarantees payment to suppliers of inputs. 

5. No Such Guarantee is required to be given by the Intrapreneur.

6. Entrepreneur Operates Independently. He is the master of his own show as he frames norms and rules of his Business.

6. Intrapreneur operates from within the organisation. He is an organisation man and is bound by the organisation norms and rules.

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