Entrepreneur vs Manager

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Entrepreneur vs Manager

Definition of Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is Considered Somebody Who takes Risk and Execute his/her Business Plan. According to Websters Dictionary, Entrepreneur is someone Who Organise, Manager and Assume the risk of a Business Enterprise.

Definition of Manager

Manager is a person who controls The various functions in an organisation to reach up to the goal and aim of organisation. Manager manages resources and humans to get best in the minimum time.

Entrepreneur vs Manager


1. An Entrepreneur sets up a New Venture and Runs it.

2. Entrepreneurship is another name of Innovation. He works to find new methods, Products etc.

3. An Entrepreneur starts and runs his venture independently. He is Self-Employed and is his own basis.

4. An Entrepreneur takes Calculated Risks. He may Even jeopardise his own Financial Security. He is Responsible for failure and Financial loss.

5. An Entrepreneur is Motivated by Profits. He may Even suffer a loss.

6. An Entrepreneur is Responsive to external Environments and is always prepared to change.


1. A Manger only Runs an Existing Unit. 

2. A Manager is an Employee of the Business Organisation. He cannot operate Independently.

3. A Manager takes less Risks as Compared to an Entrepreneur. He is Less Tolerant to uncertainty. He does not Share Business Risks.

4. A Manager needs not be an Innovator. He Deals with the Day-to-day affairs of a going Concern.

5. A Manager is Motivated by Reward or incentives. His Salary cannot be Negative.

6. A Manager may not very Receptive to change, unless he is Enterprising.

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