Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

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As we all know that it is really very hard in today’s world to find a job and specially in management where every next person is doing an MBA degree or is Masters in accounting or finance or marketing. So what makes you different from all of them is that they all have hard skills and you need to inculcate Soft skills in you. I think it is now clear that Hard skills are the skills which are knowledge oriented, And quantifiable. Where as Soft skills are the skills which are interpersonal oriented. To get a job in today’s world One has to have a balance of both hard skills and soft skills


Hard skills are the Skills That tells one about Your Knowledge, About The number of Degrees you have and the Aptitude you have towards a job. Hard skills are easy to measure as you have a certificate to show your degree and the education you have taken so far. Hard skills are easy to prove by the certificates, Educational degrees and awards one has achieved in his or her life. Now let us look at some examples of hard skills 

1. Computer skills

2. Foreign language skills

3. Maths skills

4. Programming skills

5. Data analysis skills

6. Physics knowledge

And there are N number of examples of hard skills. 

Now let us look at a specific example of hard skills :- Imagine there is a vacancy for human resource manager for that and employee will come up with his or her 10th class Certificate, 12th class certificate, BBA Degree and MBA degree in human resource management. These all degrees and certificates are your hard skills and the number of marks and percentage one gets in these degrees and certificates the Employee is chosen in the ordinal measurements.


Soft skills are disclosed that gives brief about your interpersonal relationship and the work environment which you create with your colleagues. As well as the Skills by which you work and contribute to words the aims and goals of the organisation

The Soft skills are very hard to measure as you don’t have any certificate or degree like you have an hard skills. It is very hard to measure soft skills exactly as there is no percentage and marks allotted in the soft skills as they were  allotted in hard skills. 

In soft skills your Personal characteristics and relationships are really very hard to prove

The examples of soft skills are as follows:- 

1. Communication skills

2. Leadership qualities

3. Flexibility and adaptability skills

4. Decision making

5. Creativity

6. Teamwork

Now let’s look at the example of soft skills from our day to day life imagine yourself in a situation Where you are given a work that is a teamwork by the Manager the way you communicate with your colleagues,the way you direct them, The way you adjust with them, And you come up with the decision is actually a soft skill person. 

And as mentioned above in today’s world the Companies and Organisations are looking for employees which have both hard skills as well as soft skills.

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