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Our country is facing a problem related to currencies, And we all are aware about that, But we do not know, that today, all major countries are facing money related problem in different ways, and this problems will increase more in future. We all know that price of goods and for everything are increasing from past few years, But we do not know the reason behind this hike in prices, And what we should do to protect ourselves from this situation. Because the increase in inflation will not stop, And in future inflation will increase upto the level, where common man with their normal income(salary) will find difficult to buy food for themselves. We all know rich is becoming richer, and poor is becoming poorer, But we do not know why exactly this is happening. And you know what’s the worst part is, we do not even try to know answer for all these questions, And this ignorance is the main reason, for which we have become the slave of this system. And,is not doing anything to improve things. That’s why, I will share the knowledge related to money, related to our monetary system, and related to world economy secrets and their answers. Which are very necessary and important for all of us to know and understand.  This unawareness about the secret is creating a negative impact on all of us, And will be more Impactful in future, so let’s begin. With the Hidden Secrets Of Money, Freedom and Time is Human’s Real And True Wealth, Which is Stolen from them very Easily, Or we can say Legally. Now if you are thinking, How’s that Possible, For understanding this,You need to know the history of money. Most of the people would know, In former times(Ancient),Barter system was used for Transaction Purpose, Where you have to give One commodity(good/service) in order to get another.

Suppose I have a hen with me, And you have Rice, So i will give you my hen in return of your rice. This System was good, But it had many complications and difficulties, Because of which, people started thinking something else. Even at that time people were aware about the Importance of Gold, So they started doing business by making gold and silver coins. Holding more gold while travelling was the matter of concern, Because of its Weight and they were afraid of theft as well. Some Goldsmith and other people thought of business opportunity in it,so they came up with a solution. They told people ,to give their gold to them, They will keep it safe and will protect it, and in return they just need some amount of fees. Most of the people liked that idea, so they gave their gold to them(Goldsmith), In return Goldsmith Gave them the IOU, Which was nothing,but the Piece of Paper. In which it was written, that i have your gold with me and how much gram it is, In simple words. We can it a Gold Receipt, By showing that they can take their Gold back, This system was working properly. But after sometime, Goldsmith realized something weird, after making the system,most of the people are not coming to take their gold back. And all where doing their business by using that IOU Receipt. Because all were sure,where there is the receipt,means gold is also safe. After Realizing this thing, They (Goldsmith) became Greedy, And they started working in the wrong way.

Hence, that receipt has become the money. They started making more Receipts, Even when they Don’t have that much gold with them. And started giving that receipt to the poor people on loan, and started earning Interest on that loan receipt. This way,they printed making receipts as per their will, And has earned a lot of money,by taking others Time,freedom and Hard work. This way the The World’s Largest Theft Began. The shop which was protecting Gold ,was the world’s First Bank, And the Receipt was the world’s First Currency. Globally, today we all are living in such a big Financial crisis, The reason for this is we do not know the difference between money and the currency. Most of the people thinks, that both money and the currency are one and the same. But that’s not correct, Currency is a medium of exchange, Which you can carry anywhere easily, Which will not get spoiled easily, which is portable,Divisible,Durable And fungible too. Which means, if you have 100 rupee note with you,is similar to my 100 rupee note, and can be used to purchase same thing.This is what currency is. Even money has all this properties, Like, even money is Portable, Durable and fungible, But the thing which makes money different from Currency is, Money stores some value inside it, Which stays for many years. And because of which its purchasing power remains, Example, In former times,where Fiat Currency used to work, It has no value today. But the value of gold and silver which is the form of money still works, which had value before 100 and 1000 years as well, Whereas Fiat Currency is just a piece of paper. Which can be printed as many as Government and Banks wants, Because of which its value can be changed after sometime, as we can see from the ancient time. But gold and silver value has remained the same from 5 thousand years, And they are the actual money. And no one can print them as much as they want, by any machine, Hence,Government and bank can print money as much they want.

That’s why most of the time due to greed or any other reasons, Government Prints a lot of currency and brings it in the market.Because of which the quantity of the currency increases in the market. Now you must have thinking,that what’s the issue, More currency means more money in the market which is good. Then you are thinking wrong, Because the reason and definition of increasing Dearness,is the more supply of currency. The more supply of the currency increases,the more the price of the Goods(commodity)increases. 

Eample, suppose there is a pool,instead it is the pool of currency, and inside it there is a sponge,which is the price of the goods(commodities), so what happens, as the currency increases,the price of goods,soak it and also increases along with it.

The game of Fiat currency is working because of the banks confidence and because of our lack of knowledge. However,bank doesn’t hide anything,instead they say it on our face,about the fiat currency, which means it has no gold behind it, but still we do not understand,and take the receipt and protect it more than our life. Whereas,its value is reducing and will reduce more due to inflation.

So to conclude,what we should do.


Learn this topic more and understand it more properly, and share this knowledge as much as possible,and educate Everyone.

It has been said, that the secrets which i have shared with you all, and will share more in the coming Articles, were understood by 1 person out of 10 lakh.

Because of which,we are still the slave of this system,and couldn’t do anything to change it.

Hence, Today’s world is dominated by Social media and internet, we can spread these knowledge easily, with our family,friends and can make this country more better.

Hence share this article as much as possible, so that every person gets informed about this topic.

If we will be unaware about it,then we can’t come up with any solution,


Instead of job, think about business, try to become rich, not for you but for others for the sake of country betterment.
Because after doing business, you can find the loopholes and can fight for it, not by doing job.


Do some investment in gold and silver.

They are the actual money, and will keep the purchasing power for long, and government cannot print it as per their will, and cannot stop it overnight.

I have shared this knowledge from the book Guide to invest Gold and silver by Michael Malony and inspired by his video.

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Love you Readers


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