Things you need to know about Digital Marketing

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What is digital marketing ?


Digital marketing is seen everywhere nowadays it is a type of marketing that comprises of Selling products and services online by the help of digital technology is it mainly comprises of internet, mobile phones, Display advertising and any other digital medium.

The key components of digital marketing : 

1. Website design

2. Search engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Pay per click (PPC)

4. Social media marketing (SMM) 

5. Email marketing

6. Display advertising

7. Affiliate marketing

8. Content marketing

9. Online reputation management ( ORM )

Why the Digital Marketing has become popular ?


Digital marketing has become more popular  because of the following points given below

(a) Positive experience of the customers by purchasing or availing some products and services by the means of digital marketing

(b) Digital marketing focuses on individuals needs as there are many Vendors which are collaborating themselves with Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to send messages privately and knowing what individual wants. 

(c) It has its hold on Social marketing where one can Spread their products and services on large-scale. 

(d) Just for Marketing is also famous because of its Multi-channel marketing

(e) This Type of marketing people have an opportunity to choose amongst many options in a small period of time. 

What is the scope and future of digital marketing?

Let me give you some brief about today’s world the 40% of the worlds population uses Internet and that is 3.42 billion users. And as you all know that Digital marketing is marketing on Internet and when there is such a large population which is using Internet and growing day by day and the expectation is that it reaches 5.07 billion users at the end of 2019. Now coming onto the scopes of digital marketing.

(a) You can get job by doing a course on digital marketing and the jobs are as follows

1. Digital marketing strategist

2. Digital marketing executive

3.  SEO Analyst

4. Social media specialist

5. Google AdWords specialist

6.  Email marketing specialist

7. Web Analyst

8. Online reputation manager

(b) A professional blogger for life. After establishing your website one can by the advertisements. 

(c) Part-time services can be provided by you for your clients as the work has to be done on Internet and No physical presence is mandatory, hence one can do job globally. 

(d) Start your agency.

(e) One can become a Youtuber.

More Queries Related to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing moves at a speed of light. Too much rupees you require a solid fundamental with with the judgement to thank fundamentally and you have to be very imaginative and creative. 


Let me tell you how digital marketing works in 6 steps : 

1. Stay focused on your customers

2. Build your marketing frameworks

3. Develop a story for your brand

4. Ensure traffic acquisition and conversion optimisation

5. Find right way of using SEO optimization strategies

6. Use content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.


ORM is a process to Identify, Analyse, Influence and Monitor Your Credibility and Digital Reputation on the internet. The best ORM strategy will be the one providing new opportunities to create Brand awareness. ORM allows us to leverage the power of the Internet and Social Media to create Goodwill and win clients/customer’s Trust.

One can earn money through SEO`


1. On page optimization
2. Site analysis
3. Link building
4. Periodic Reportings
V. Research
6. Keyboard analysis
7. Development
8. Maintain SERP Ranking 

One can earn money through web designing

1. Content management software
2. Content writing / management
3. Media management
4. home page designing
V. CSS management
6. Website usability improvement
7. Website ranking

One can earn money through Affiliate Programs

What does a digital marketer do?

1. Gather data
2. analyse
3. Device initial strategy mix
4. Develop the campaign
5. Run the campaign
6. Perform SEO activities
7. Actively work on content to promote brand
8. Track the campaign
9. Monitor results
10. Measure KPIs
11. Gather big data
12. Analyse report
13. Revise and reverse campaign ( If necessary)

The Digital Marketing Agency is a company that gives an Overview of your creative, strategic and technological development of products and Services. The agency will help you to Design a website for clients and Providing Digital Marketing Services on Social Media Online.

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