Tips For Better Business Development

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Tips for Better Business Development

1. Get warm introductions

  • You always want to go into a company with a referral.
  • You never want somebody be wondering who you are who am I talking to and if you can’t figure out how to get somebody to refer you into a company you’re not worth your own wait for be the.

2. Deal with decision makers

  • you always want to try to figure out ahead of time who are the people that actually can sign off on your deal and spend more time upfront getting to the right people because I promise you will save you a lot of time on the back end of the deal.

3. Only pansies are not prepared

  • what do I mean find everything out there is to know about the company that people are dealing with use LinkedIn.
  • Read articles the information is out there you’ve got to be bulletproof when it comes to being prepared to talk about your potential business development deals.

4. Ask don’t talk

  • The single biggest mistake that we make in business development is we tell everybody about how great we are.
  • Our products and services and we don’t ask them what are you looking for.
  • What do you need where the problems are trying to solve all we start off by asking to the folks what they need.

5. Provide as little information as possible

  • When do you do this it’s when people say things like oh the sounds kind of entry is seen send me some more information and we’ll go from there.
  • Guess what ? -they’re not interested they’re just trying to find a way to push you off.
  • So until you’ve really got buying from somebody and they want to know more about your product or service don’t spend a lot of time putting together a complicated decks.

6. A picture is worth a million words

  • So when you get to the point that you actually do send somebody information about your company your product or service don’t send a desk with lots of text in it send pictures that show examples of what it is.
  • You’re actually gonna do they’ll go a lot farther way to getting your business deal done.

7. Manage the follow up process

  • Like they are a kid at a summer camp and you are their counselor you want to set up the times to talk you want to tell them what things you need from them.
  • You want to be the person pushing forward all the communications and setting the rules of that exchange.
  • Why? because they’ve got a million priorities and you’ve got to manage that process like you are gonna take control of everything that’s what you need to do to get it done.

8. Persistence and pressure please

  • There are so many competing priorities that we all have during the course of the day.
  • If you’re not constantly persistent about getting the business deal done it won’t happen.
  • Need to do it politely but you need to keep pushing on that deal.

9. Keeps the excitement up until the deal closes

  • A lot of us are great when we coming up with the ideas for deals and we’re excited that sounds great we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that.
  • Well, Guess what ? -then it goes back and forth over emails it goes to lawyers you get into the details in the minute that’s where it needs your most energy not at the beginning of the process because those are where a lot of the deals stalled after you put in all the time upfront to try to open up those doors.

10. VVImpt* : The sale begins after the deal is done not before.

  • Yeah we did a lot of great work we signed our name on the dotted line but now comes the real challenge of exchanging value.
  • Helping our partners company making revenue that’s where the business development sales process starts not where it ends.


If you remember those 10 tips I promise you’re always gonna be better at Business Development than all the other folks.

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*VVImpt – Very Very Important.

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